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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I woke up this morning

(at 6 am no less) to a THREE year old in the house! (who refused to go back to sleep! But thankfully I have a great husband who eventually got up with her)

Happy 3rd birthday to my beautiful, adorable, amazing, precious, inquisitive, spunky, determined, stubborn, sensitive, happy, lovable daughter! There, I think that about sums you up!

Oh Kayla, if only I had the words to describe the last 3 years to you! It may be a cliche, but time really does fly. I wonder how in the blink of an eye you turned into this big girl.

I remember bringing you home from the hospital and the newness of you. Just watching you sleep most of the time...and now you run away from me!

I remember your first real smile. You just woke up from a morning nap. I went in to get you and gazed down at you smiling and talking. You made eye contact with me and smiled...all the way to your eyes. I had tears in my eyes seeing it for the first time. My heart swelled with so much love; I didn't know a smile could do that!

I remember the first time you laughed. I was so surprised to hear that little sound come out of you. I'm surprised I haven't busted your ear drums with all the squealing and screaming I do at high-pitched octaves when you do something for the first time! I immediately called your dad at work to tell him you laughed and I tried to get you to do it again while we were on the phone; to no avail!

I remember you finding your feet for the first time and eventually getting them to your mouth. They became your new favorite toy to chew on.

Every milestone seemes etched in my brain. I have enjoyed being your mom and watching you figure out how to do things. How to roll over, crawl, sit by yourself, stand alone, cruise furniture, walk, run, climb steps, walk up the steps, feeding yourself...and developing your personality.

You are so determined to go for a walk or at least just get outside. If we don't make a move to get our shoes fast enough, you do it for us. You open the closet and bring our shoes to us. You know which shoes are daddy's, which are mommy's and which are yours..and you always bring the matching pair. You repeat over and over, "shoes, walk, outside, park" how can we resist you when you're looking so cute like that?

There are so many quirks and cute things about you that we just love and get a kick out of. We can kneel down, open our arms and say "hug" and you throw your arms open wide, have a huge smile on your face, and you come running into our arms.

When we're holding you in a "group hug" you push our faces together to make us kiss and then you lean your face in so we can each kiss a cheek and then you dissolve into giggles.

I'm so proud of you for all you've learned this past year... more sign language, words, letters, shapes, colors, animal noises, brushing your teeth and hair, taking "care" of your babies, "reading" your books, and it seems a million other things!

You've learned so many new words too. I watched some video of you when you were not quite two and then after you turned two - you hardly said any words at all. I think mostly mama, daddy, and uh oh! You didn't even start saying the word "baby" until last Dec...when you were 29 months old! And now, just 7 months later you can say over 100 words! What a difference from last year!

I can't believe I'll be sending you off to preschool next month! I know you're going to have fun there though...you're such a social butterfly! You enjoy learning and I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Happy birthday baby girl!

Love, Mommy


Jessica said...


PEA said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to a precious little girl!!! Michelle, please give her an extra big hug from me! I loved reading your post and she sure has come a long way in such a short time...she is absolutely adorable and will bring you many years of happiness yet:-) Wish I was there to celebrate with you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to "my little Kayla" I am sad that this is the first time we will not be there to celebrate your 3rd Birthday. This does not make this Grandma very happy. Michelle , I love viewing ,seeing,your outlook on your life (Joe's too) with Kayla!! what a delight and joy !!! love Mom

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Kayla!

K.T. says peace said...

That tugs at the heart.Happy Birthday,Kayla!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Kayla...and a big hug from Elainah and her mom.

Grandma & Grandpa said...

Happy Birthday to our "Little Miss Kayla", it seems like only yesterday I we were holding you for that very first time. Your Mommy is right time sure does fly by.

Michelle and Joe isn't it the most wonderful thing in the world to watch your child grow and discover themselves right before your eyes? I know for me nothing in my life will ever coming close to the joy of watching Joe grow and become the man, husband and father that he is today.

chelle said...

this post gave me goose bumps!!!

Happy Birthday Kayla!!!

Nisa said...

There are never enough wonderful words out there to describe our precious babies. I loved reading this post. I'm sure Kayla will love reading this post and seeing and feeling how much love you and Joe have for her.
HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY KAYLA!!! You little cutie!! I love you!

"Auntie" Nisa

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Princess Morgan said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kayla! Have a happy, happy day! Oh, and have a piece of cake for me, would ya?

Beck said...

Happy birthday to beautiful little Kayla! I hope she has a super fun birthday... what a lovely post!

Tara Marie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday dear Kayla!!!!

T*H*R*E*E.....what a glorious new year filled with learning and exploring, celebrating and full of wonder!

We love you sweet Kayla.....and can't wait to read all about the year ahead!

Big Birthday Hugs and Kisses from Emma Sage and her Momma

Tracey said...

Happy birthday Kayla!! 3 is a big year!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Kayla! You are the sweetest little girl! I hope you had a great time at your party!

mum2brady said...

Happy 3rd birthday Kayla! I hope you had the best day and that your mommy and daddy spoiled you rotten. You are so precious and beautiful, I hope we get to meet you IRL one day!

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful year filled with many more milestones, happiness and new experiences. We can't wait to see what 3 brings for you!!!!

Catch said...

Michelle that is so beautiful!! They do grow so fast dont they? HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET KAYLA!!

Shelley said...

Happy birthday Kayla - I bet the coming year has lots of good things in store for you!

Much More Than A Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Kayla!!

Jennifer said...

Happy b-day sweet girl!

Overwhelmed! said...

What a wonderful letter to your beautiful daughter! I'm so happy that you've been blessed as a Mommy!