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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

Yes my treasure for today is this small collection of costume jewelry/clip on earings.

They used to be my great-grandmother's.

My great-grandmother lived a long, full life; she passed away the year I turned 16.

Since I grew up in the military and moved around a lot I didn't get to visit relatives as often as I would have liked - especially when relatives lived in WI and we never lived anywhere near there!

So when we did go to visit it was always a wonderful time. As a kid I remember thinking that my great-grandmother was just a little extra special - maybe it was because she had the word "great" before "grandma". She was everything you imagine a grandparent to be. I used to love going over to her house and "digging" through all her "treasures". She would let me go through this one room in her house (which was more like a storage room)...I found it so fascinating to go through boxes and boxes of old pictures, cards, letters, clothing etc. But most of all there was her jewelry. I don't think I ever saw her without a piece of her jewelry on ... and she had a drawer full of it! She would let me go through it and pick out pieces to take home. I remember one time telling her, "I can't take your jewelry!" and she said, "I won't need it when I'm gone and it has to go to someone."

I'm glad I have this small collection because whenever I pull it out and look at these peices I am transported back to a time when I was much younger and I have a smile on my face remembering my great-grandmother. So while these pieces aren't worth anything monetarily, they do hold treasured memories.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us:

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Praying for your Prodigal said...

Oh how I wish I had a photo of my grandmother and me! Since she was the photo taker...I have tons of just me alone....but none of the two of us! What a treasure!

MY TT is about my grandmother too--must be Grandmother-treasure Tuesday!


Beck said...

Aw! My grandma really loved costume jewelry, too - and I have several of her pieces now, which I often wear, and smile. I wish, like Diane, that I had a photo of me and my grandmother too. What a treasure that is!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

: )

such wonderful memories!

Sandra said...

I love this, I miss my greatgrandma so much, she was an amazing lady :)

Love the memories you shared and thank you for stopping by my blog :) REally must be a grandmother thing going around :)

chelle said...

That is an awesome treasure!!! I was really close to my Great Papa...I miss him so much he was such a cool guy...See now everyone is remembering their own treasure...you rock!

Overwhelmed! said...

What neat jewelry! My grandma had jewelry like this in her jewelry box and when I was younger I'd look through it all.

When she died, her children got the jewelry and I haven't seen any of it since.

Great photo with your great grandmother!

My TT is up as well. Stop by and take a peek. :)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I remember doing the same thing at your greatgrandmother's, my grandmother's house. She did have a lot of costume jewelry and I loved going thru it all. She kept it downstairs in a chest of drawers she had in her dining room. Remember that? Her bedrooms upstairs, only two, had some neat things, I especially liked the little storage closet in those two rooms. I sure miss my grandma, Cap. Love, Aunt Debbie

amy flege said...

what a wonderful story of your grama. i remember alway getting into my gramas jewelry box when i was little and thinking.. oh my gosh she is sooo lucky to have all this!! she always let us play with it!
ahh....the memories!

Faith said...

I love the picture!! What a great treasure! My granny was my heart too. It is great to be able to dig through stuff like that!!
Thanks for playing along.
I am enjoying getting to know you through your posts!
Your little girl is adorable!!!

Nisa said...

This is soo sweet. What a great treasure. This is nice how you've got everyone reliving fond memories and really thinking of loved ones. I like this treasure Tuesday thing.
love you!
P.S. haha... great picture of you in the unicorn blouse. Doncha miss the 80s sometimes??

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am so glad you have this picture.. Can you make a copy and send to your brother? I know he would treasure the pic..Make a copy for me too, because I do not know if I have this pic.. I want to frame..You evoked a lot of memories for everyone by your treasure tuesday, Great Grandma.. See there was a reason why I had you and Mike when I was just (19) when I had you and almost (21) when I had Mike.. But, also, because Great Grandma was still around... :) Love Mom