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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Big Shoes to Fill

These pictures are from the day Kayla was playing in the sprinkler. Before we went outside she wanted to put my flip flops on. She's been doing that a lot lately - trying to put on my shoes, or Joe's work boots. She actually made it down the hallway and kept both flip flops on.

Putting them on

Now let's see if I can walk in them!

I made it this far


PS...Nisa, before you ask, yes I remember the pictures I have of Rhi Rhi in my boots when you were visiting in CO :)


Nisa said...

Yes, I was just thinking of those!!!
Kayla looks so cute... I love the little cheesy grin she has! I miss Rhi Rhi and Nate being that little sometimes. Children grow up too fast!
love you!
P.S. cute flip-flops!

Anonymous said...

what an accomplishment!!!!!! Look the smile says it all!! :) The art of imitation. It is interesting why children think "grown -up" things are more fun and interesting!! Love her smile, cute personality and because she is still a toddler!! I miss her so much... love mom

chelle said...

hehe that is so cute!! Becca likes to try to put on my heals but never gets far!!!

Jess said...

She is just too sweeeeet!!! Isn't so funny how lil girls find their mama's shoes so fascinating? I'll send you a pic I don't want to publish on the WWW of Sophia, but its the same concept.

Kari said...

Kayla is such a doll! she never ceases to amaze me I can barely walk in flip flps LOL and mine actually fit me!

Overwhelmed! said...

Very cute pictures!

Snuggle Bug tries to put on our shoes too, problem is, he's usually trying to put them on over his and has troubles. :)

amy flege said...

those are the cutest photos of Kayla!! and i love the flip flops too!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I love the cheesy grin!

Rachael & Anna Grace

Tracey said...

Lovin the smile!

Tara Marie said...

Look at her determination! ES does that also, except she always seems to grab her big sisters flip-flops and take them on her adventures and then leaving at the end [so Katrina and Greta are always trying to find their 'lost' flip-flops].

I love Miss Kaylas smile!!!

Naomi said...

She looks so pleased and happy with herself :)

Beck said...

She is so adorable! Cute photos!

Debra said...

Hey, She is so cute. Love the smile like she got away with something at the end.

Hugs from Debra and Hope

mum2brady said...

Oh my gosh - she is tooooo cute!