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Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Freebie

Complete a short survey and they'll send you a free pedometer. This valuable tool will help you measure the number of steps you take each day.

I know I could use one of these to remind me to walk more throughout the day!

Click here


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the info!

Catch said...

thank you! I can get one of these and stick it in the closte with the other 2 I have...lmao. have a good weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love freebies. Thank you! I also check walmart.com for free samples. And vitalradiance.com is also giving out free cosmetic samples.

PEA said...

Thank you so much for the link...some days I do so much walking and other days I sit at the puter all day! lol

chelle said...

I am so crushing every Friday to come to your site and sign up for the COOLEST free stuff ever!!! Thanks for sharing!

Tara Marie said...

I have been wearing mine everyday...trying to out-do the day before. It is a great way to remind you to keep on movin!

Michelle said...

Jennifer - you're welcome!

catch - I'm hoping this one won't end up in my closet!

anon - I use the walmart freebie link too...they have some good stuff sometimes. Thanks for the tip about vitalradiance!

Pea - you're welcome! I hear you on sitting at the computer! I'm hoping having one of these will get me walking more :)

Chelle - you're welcome - glad you are liking the freebies :)

TM - that's a great idea with wearing it - by trying to out step the day before!