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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Speaking up

My dad was listening to the radio on his way to work. The conversation was about the TV show "Life Goes On" (they were probably discussing it because the first season is being released on DVD). The DJ referred to the character Corky as "that retarded kid".

My dad sent an email to the DJ/radio station giving him a piece of his mind. Surprisingly he received an email back from the DJ the same day. He apologized and said he should know better. Hopefully he did get the message and will be more consious in his choice of words.

Thanks Dad!


Tara Marie said...

Yeah Dad.....and yes, things will change, as most people when called on their inappropriate use of language will correct it in the future.

Nisa said...

Way to go Grandpa Dennis!

Barbara/Grandma said...

Dennis thank you so much!! I truly hope that more people called or emailed the radio station to set that DJ straight!!

Grandma said...

Is it the end of May yet :-( Have a Happy Easter kids.