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Friday, April 14, 2006

Just a few pictures

Just a few pictures to share. Kayla enjoys playing with the dogs next door - more so then with the toys she has in her backyard! We were out the other day and she was trying to feed them grass...it was really cute to watch her pull the grass up and then put it through the fence. Hey at least she was helping them mow the grass!


mmk1215 said...

michelle , kayla is so adorable!! You need to get a dog that loves children.. Kayla would have so much fun.. and like you said, she had more fun with the dogs than playing with her toys in the backyard.. Love grandma nolan

Kari said...

Yup I agree that little girl looks like she needs a dog. Tritan would love to have one too but so far all I feel i can commit to is a cat.

Nisa said...

I hear that Boxers are excellent with kids... Very loving, protective and especially patient.
Kayla looks adorable in these pics. How sweet she was trying to feed them. Maybe your neighbor will let you schedule a play date with Kayla...

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!


Grandma said...

Looks like you need to pick up a box of milk bones the next time you go to the commissary :-)

Michelle said...

I like the suggestion of buying Milk Bones at the commissary more than the hints at actually getting a dog! :)

Nisa - the neighbors have a 3 yr old boy...he loves to come to our back yard and play with Kayla's toys while she likes to play with his dogs! His mom is always having to grab him when they're getting out of the car because he runs for Kayla's slide or motorized ATV :) The kids have played a couple times when we're out back and they get home he wants to come play too. The other day Kayla wanted nothing to do with her back yard - just sat over at the fence with the dogs ... until they got home. As soon as he came over she decided that her things were fun after all :)

Kari - all I can commit to are the salt water fish that DH has!