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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pictures continued...

Here are some pics from the aquarium, children's area in the botanical gardens, and the hotel pool. I didn't get very many good pics at the aquarium because it was a little to dark inside - and also Kayla didn't want to sit still and look at me...she was more interested in running around looking at the fish...go figure! Actually most of my pictures lately have all been of Kayla's back because she's just on the go; no slowing her down!

When she saw the clownfish in here she said "Momo!" (translation = Nemo!)

She looks so pensive in this picture - I like how it turned out.

She walked up this step of rocks, by herself, without holding on to anyting, without losing her balance - I was so proud of her!

Does she like to be in the pool or what?!

She had such fun "diving/jumping" off the side to daddy


Anonymous said...

Oh these are great photos of Kayla, I especially love the one where she is looking out from the rock. Glad to see "memo" was a big hit!

Mom, Kelly and Ken said...

One can never get "enough" pics of our children/child. Those moments we capture on film are a "forever" record, because the "moments" we do not capture are gone in a nano second. I, also, Love the pic of my little kayla "looking pensive" and beautiful between the rock. I want that one too... :) That is so cute that she was calling the fish memo.. :) Yes, she does love the water.. You will have to get her on a swim team/club. Grandma Loves Kayla forever and always, always and forever..

The Imperfect Christian said...

Those are AWESOME photos!! We went to the aquarium a few weeks ago (of course I forgot my camera) and DramaChild kept calling EVERYTHING kitty kitty. Even the sharks! But at least she had fun!

Anonymous said...

Too cute PJ mama... you never know, the shark may have been named kitty.

Angie said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Her eyes are captivating. I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more.

Tara Marie said...

These are wonderful photographs, and I too, LOVE the one of her peeking through the tree. I'm laughing about the 'from behind' photographs, as that is what I end up with often with Emma Sage...Poetry in Motion I say, Poetry in Motion.

Kel said...

awe...kayla is showing some skin...in that little bikini. ^_~
she's so cute!

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! Now I am inspired to take Anna to the aquarium this week!!!


Jody said...

Oh, I just want to eat her up she is so darling and beautiful!

Love your blog! I came her through Rebecca's.