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Monday, April 24, 2006


Well since my mom mentioned (in the comments to the pic of Kayla sleeping) about me sleeping with a stuffed dog "Henry" I had to go see if I could find the picture! I don't really have any memories of this stuffed dog - only what I "remember" from seeing this picture!

So mom, do you remember why this dog was called Henry? Or as you put in your comment, "oh Henry"?

And you too dad - if you're reading - do you remember?

And for the bloggers out there - if you have any pictures of your child (or yourself!) sleeping with a favorite stuffed whatever - post it!

I love pictures of sleeping kiddos because they look so innocent and peaceful!


Anonymous said...

oh you did find the picture!! You were so little!!! cute, adorable and I miss you at that age!!! Time goes by so fast and now you have a cute, adorable ,little girl of your own.. What happiness and joy feels my heart... love mom I do not know why you attached yourself to this little guy, stuffed dog called Henry/oh Henry... but he was your sleeping buddy/along with the blanket.. :)

Anonymous said...

That was the name on the front of the dog..Henry..and why we got this stuffed dog for you, because it was cute..?? love mom :)

Michelle said...

I looked on the back of the picture - I was 20 months old. I noticed I wasn't sleeping with a pillow either!

I wasn't asking why you got the dog - just if you remember why I/we called it "oh" Henry :)

The Imperfect Christian said...

Ah, what a sweet picture! And look at your BLONDE hair!!

Anonymous said...

Look at those golden blonde locks... Kayla has mom's hair! :)