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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Almost picture perfect

When Kayla was born we followed the recommendation of not having any pillows, big blankets, stuffed animals etc in her crib. I don't remember when we started putting a pillow/blanket in her crib, but when we did she didn't much care for them. She had been sleeping in pretty much an empty crib with just a matress so she didn't care for the "accessories"! But we continued to put them in and she would inevitably throw them out before falling asleep.

Kalya also never became attached any one thing such as a blanket, doll, or stuffed animal. She never had anything that she just couldn't leave the house without or had to carry around everywhere.

She has plenty of stuffed animals and dolls and is really into them, but as I said nothing she has to take with her everywhere.

She would even ask for her "baby" when going to bed, but that too would be thrown out before she would actually fall asleep.

She finally started sleeping on her pillow for the most part and was starting to keep a blanket with her. Once we finally converted the crib it seems she doesn't throw these items out much anymore, if at all.

She'll even leave her babies in bed with her for the most part. Sometimes she has 2 with her, but they are always on the sides against the railing.

So imagine my surprise last week when I went to check on her before heading to bed. She was sleeping with her arm curled around her baby doll. She has NEVER done that before...ever. At least not that I've ever seen. It was just so precious and I thought what a perfect picture that would make - I just HAVE to capture this on film!

Of course she woke up as I was turning on the hall light, getting the camera ready etc. So I didn't capture the picture I initially saw when I walked into her room. As soon as I clicked the button she opened her eyes and had just moved her hand so it wasn't curled around the doll anymore.

But to me it's still precious...all the more so because it wasn't something I'd seen her do before.


Nisa said...

Awww! How sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oh michelle.. another "moment in time" :) This pic reminds me of when you were about this age and you had a stuffed animal, dog, called "oh Henry" and you were taking a nap and had your arm around the "oh Henry" (of course with your blanket too). It is just so adorable, sweet(as Nisa says)precious, warms your heart and everything "good" and "happy" and "peaceful". You gotta just love Kayla... :) love mom

Deryck said...

That's really really cute!

I love it when they start to form attachments like this - we have a doggy handpuppet my eldest has and a home made teddy for the middle one!

(and why was your dog called oh Henry - I'm intrigued now!)

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful photo of Kayla, and I can imagine how happy you were to find her sleeping with her doll like this.

Miss E has not attached herself to anything as yet, but if she ever does, you can be sure that I will post it on my blog.

The weather must be a bit cooler this week, I see she has long sleeved pj's on.

Kari said...

oh such sweetness. I wonder what they think when they catch us taking pictures like this. hehe I've been caught in the act a few times too. Tristan sleeps with his baby goat I'll see if I can get a picture one night soon :)

Anonymous said...

Kayla sees and feels the love that you and Joe have for her and she is showing that to her "babies". I just think that is so precious. Love, G-Aunt Debbie

Naomi said...

What a sweet moment to capture.

Callum loves to put his stuffed toys to bed and gives them drinks and food but as soon as he gets in his crib then they're evicted.

Kieran has a blankie that he is very attached to. We've managed to confine it to his bed but as soon as he catches sight of it he gets a huge grin on his face and you can see that everything is all right with his world.