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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Words of Wisdom

I wanted to share something I read awhile ago. This lady is pregnant with twins and found out through u/s that something is seriously wrong with one of the twins. They did not have an amnio , but u/s findings have led them to believe their baby has Trisomy 13, Patau's Syndrome, which is considered incompatible with life. Of course they were offered to terminate and after much thought and research and soul-searching they have decided to continue with the pregnancy and let "nature take it's course". In her post describing how they came to this decision she says, "We know that our daughter, if she survives gestation and a proposed natural delivery will be different in many ways, both mentally but more so physically and we are fully prepared for this challenge. As the saying goes "We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by viewing an imperfect person perfectly". How can a parent not love and see beauty in their own creation?" What profound insight and it touched me greatly. What wisdom for a parent that is likely facing the death of their unborn child sooner than they could possibly be ready to say goodbye. Babies with T13 generally don't make it to term and I think if they do they are unlikey to survive much longer after that; I think I've read something like less than 10% survive to their first birthday. But there are some miracles living with T13 that I've read about at this site: http://www.livingwithtrisomy13.org/ I can only pray for these parents that they are able to meet and hold their child at birth; that they are able to spend some time with her alive especially after choosing life for her.

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