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Thursday, March 09, 2006

"I See You!"

I think I mentioned before that Kayla started saying "see you" a few weeks ago; well she had speech therapy today and they were looking through these colored tube things saying "I see you!" and Kayla started saying it as well...now she'll say "I see you!" I'm so excited because it's a 3-word sentence! Granted it should be easy for her to say because she can say the letters of the alphabet I, C, U, but she still isn't really putting words together to make little phrases or sentences. Try as we might she won't really repeat after us when we say "bye mommy/daddy" or "night night mommy/daddy" etc. So it was neat to hear her say "I see you!"
Sometimes when Kayla wakes up from her nap she's not all the way awake and if I take her and lay down on the couch she'll usually fall back to sleep. I so enjoy and treasure those afternoons - she's nestled against me with my body curled around hers and it's quiet and peaceful and she's STILL and snuggling with me. I have to take those moments when I can because when awake this child doesn't like to be still for long! I also get a little 1/2 hr nap in myself! Can't beat afternoons like that!

1 comment:

Nisa said...

I love quiet times like that with my kids too. Thank you for the great mental pic I now have of you and Kayla snuggling together.
see you!