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Saturday, March 18, 2006

We Did It!

I have been procrastinating about moving Kayla out of her crib - she's only climbed/fallen out of it 2x since Nov I think. She is 2.5 yrs old though so I knew I couldn't avoid it forever! We did it today to start with naptime. Her crib transitions to a toddler bed - you take one side of the railings off and put 2 small rails on the ends so she can climb in and out. I was prepared for a battle at naptime and was pleasantly surprised at how well it actually went! She did climb out 2x and I went in and told her to climb back into bed. We leave her door open a crack and I stood outside peeking in every few minutes. A few times I had to tell her to lay back down it was time to sleep - she looked like she was on the verge of making her getaway! After that whenever she saw me she would lay down without me having to say anything. Within 1/2 hr of her being put down for her nap she was out! yay! I can only hope each time goes as smoothly! Here is a picture to capture this milestone...yes she falls asleep with her arm in her mouth and no blanket...she always throws it out!


Grandma said...

Our little angle sure is growing up fast!! She's so sweet in her "big girl" bed.

Nisa said...

Aww! You finally made the switch! Sounds like it went well. Looks like it, too. I cried when we switched Nate to a big-boy bed.
Wow, how time flies!

Anonymous said...

Hooray-big girl!