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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Those eyes

Just a few photos capturing those beautiful eyes...


Rachael said...

Kayla is beautiful! Thank you for inviting me to view your blog!

Kari said...

Hi Michelle, I came across your blog I hope you don't mind me coming by to have a look. Kayla is as beautiful as ever in fact your entire blog is beautiful.You are really talented at expressing things into words. Feel free to come by a visit our blog anytime. Although I will warn you I am not much of a writer but I take great pictures. HAHA

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see you here-and the title of your blog is perfect!

Tara Marie said...

Oh Miss Big Blueberry Eyes....you are just so precious and we are so excited your Momma is blogging for you.....Michelle, I've got to update my blog list [when I had technical problems a while back I lost most of my links,,,but will be adding yours to the list!!!]

Big hugs to you and your precious Kayla!