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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mini Me

It's funny to watch children when they start imitating the things you do (well then of course you have to be conscious of what they're doing and watch what YOU'RE doing!) but it is fun to watch their little minds work and try to be like their parents.

And of course Kayla is no different in this department either!

If you cough she'll put her hand over her mouth and fake cough.

If you sneeze she'll put her head back and say "aaaahhh", bring her head down and say "chooo!"

If you're taking a sip of your drink and go "aaahhh" she'll say "aaahhh"...and if you take a sip and don't say anything she'll say it for you.

I noticed how much she is really observing us on day-to-day things. She HAS to follow me when I go into the bathroom - whether it be to brush my hair, put on make-up, or actually USE the bathroom - she's right there with me. When I'm putting on make-up she climbs up on the toilet and grabs a cotton ball or qtip (which are on the top of the tank). She then proceeds to "brush" these gently on her cheeks after which I tell her "so pretty!". If I'm putting on lipstick she puckers up her lips and I have to put some chapstick on her.

The kicker is when I'm actually trying to go to the bathroom and she's in there with me. She promptly opens up the under-sink cabinet door and pulls out the hairspray bottle. I was surprised when she first did this because there are a number of bottles under there and she always and only grabs the one she's seen me use. She takes the cap off and with her little arms she reaches up to position the bottle over my head and shakes and shakes...she's putting the hairspray on for me. I have to sit through this while I'm trying to go to the bathroom. Then she puts it over her own head and shakes - she thinks she's big stuff or something!

So tell me, when will I be able to use the bathroom in peace again?


Anonymous said...

Insight from a mom of three girls--you may never have the bathroom alone again!

P.S.-believe it or not the bathroom is never a quiet place of sanctity in my house ever. There is always someone knocking on the door or in need of something-funny because they do have their own bathroom. But on the very rare occassion all is quiet-look out-there is likely something going on that shouldn't be.

Julie said...

Nope never alone again!! Love your blog!

Julie (t21board, mom of Emily)

Anonymous said...

No, you will never have time to yourself in the bathroom with little ones around.

Enjoy it tho, as they grow up so fast!

MIL said...

Gee I'm so glad I had a boy !!LOL!! Never have had the problem of not having the bathroom to myself. Thanks Joe for allowing me someplace peaceful :-)

Mom Of Three said...

When we were in the hospital, my little one looked up at me with her HUGE blue eyes and I immediately thought of the name of your blog!

And our toddler is a little mimick monkey too! Our Early Interventionist LOVES working with her because of it!

Kari said...

In our house we often refer to Tristan as the little Parrot.He mimics everything i do.
BTW good luck on regaining some alone time in the bathroom I forget when I ever had such a thing. hahaaaa

Tara Marie said...

Nope, never, ever!!! lol! and if you have one bathroom like we do,,,,,even getting to get into the bathroom is a challenge!

Kayla you are so precious, you little 'mini-me' you!!!

LauraJ said...

Good morning, I'm new to blogging and I use blogger. How do you get your profile on top of the page sidebar like that? Oh and how do you get your picture there as well? Thank you!

mum2brady said...

Good luck on the bathroom thing Michelle ;) When you figure out if you ever get it back to yourself, let me know - so I can pass it on to my kids LOL

Kayla is too cute - I love the lipstick thing :) You better enjoy her just puckering up for lipstick, cause she is so pretty, before you know it, it will be for BOYS :)

Michelle said...

Thanks everyone for letting me know my quiet time is over! :)

Joe says I can just shut the door all the way, but then I'll hear, "knock knock, hiiiiiii, mommy, mommy!" and who could resist that little voice? It's easier just to let her in!

Anonymous said...

So typical!! When they are at this age they IDOLIZE Mom.. Those precious moments....Then you turn around and she is 12 yrs old.. :) Love Grandma Nolan