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Thursday, March 30, 2006

For Nate

A little background on this post.

When my best friend flew out for Kayla's first birthday (almost 2 yrs ago now!) her son (who was I think 4 at the time) gave her one of his toys he wanted Kayla to have. We took pictures of Kayla playing with the little doctor's ear/eye piece thing so Nate could see her with it.

The other day she was showing her kids the videos/pictures of Kayla and Nate wondered if Kayla still had the toy he gave her (what a memory!) because he hadn't seen it in any pictures lately.

Kayla has so many toys (no wonder since she has a "toy mom"!) that I put some up for awhile to "rotate" them out. It just so happens that yesterday she was digging around in her closet and came across a hidden stash of toys and out came this "doctor's toy" ... which she has now been carrying around the house for 2 days straight!

So Nate, here are new pictures of Kayla with the toy you so generously gave her 2 years ago! She was using it as a drumstick for her drum today.


Anonymous said...

I love the pics of kayla. I love seeing her wear her hair in pigtails. It really looks great on her.

Nisa said...

Nate wanted me to let you know that he is real glad Kayla still has and likes the toy he gave. I wish you could've seen his face when he saw these pictures; he says he used to use the toy for drums too!
And Kayla looks so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Kayla has the most beautiful hair!!