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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I take it back!

A few days ago I wrote how well Kayla seemed to understand the concept of needing to stay in bed when it was nap time; she only got out of bed to bring toys back to bed with her. I thought it was cute. I spoke too soon.

For the 3 days after that it was a battle of wills. She does still understand, she just doesn't want to accept it! She kept getting out of bed and playing with her toys on the floor instead of staying in bed. I had to go in 3x and tell her to get back to bed. After an hour of this I stayed in her room, sat by her bed and rubbed her back. Within 10-15 min she was sleeping. I did that 2 days in a row.

I know what the problem is and it's what I was afraid of before we transitioned. Kayla can not be still, she is a constant whirlwind of motion. I knew if she could get out of the bed she would because she just can't stay still. I also knew if she would just let herself be still for 5 minutes or so she would fall asleep. Sometimes it would take her up to an hour to fall asleep before, but she had no way to escape so she would eventually give in, lay down, and go to sleep.

Yesterday started out with the same battle of telling her to get back in bed. I didn't want to make a habit of having to sit by her bed and rub her back - she can fall asleep on her own and I didn't want her to start becoming dependent on this. So after the 3rd time of going in her room I instead sat down right by the door which is opposite her bed and just watched her. She knew she couldn't get out of bed. Within 2 minutes she was out. Do I know this chid or what?

Today went a little easier. I went to check on her more frequently which gave her less opportunity to sneak out of bed. She only got out once this time. She was asleep under an hour this time. I didn't even have to stay in her room for her to fall asleep this time. Let's hope I'm not speaking too soon again!

And the naptime saga continues...


Anonymous said...

I know this whirlwind of activity so well. Miss E only stays in her bed, if she is asleep. She gets up and moves about as soon as she awakens. I have to sing her to sleep or forget it, she won't sleep at all!

Here's hoping the week of naps and bedtimes goes smoother this week :)

Nicole said...

Oh you are making me not want to transition Emery. She has a MAJOR will! UGH! Forgot about this bed battle. Nicole

mum2brady said...

We haven't been brave enough to do this yet :) I know what a battle it is, having had 5 before Brady LOL and I've been enjoying keeping him in his crib But - he can climb out, and has, but he doesn't usually, so I've been keeping it easy for us LOL We'll be transitioning soon, good to have a reminder on why I've kept him in so long LOL Kayla is too cute!