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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

On Her Own Time

Kayla recently joined the Special Olympics Track team. She also recently got a fitness watch. The watch can track walking, running, biking, and sleeping. She likes to press the "bike" icon before we head out on our usual morning bike ride (PE time!) even once coming to a sudden stop in front of me and yelling "I forgot to start my watch! (on bike mode)"

Oh this child of mine cracks me up. At this most recent track training session she was lined up to run ... and she got distracted making sure she was putting her watch to the "run" setting. She completely ignores the "GO" and instead stands at the line making sure she is getting her watch set correctly. It's not that she didn't hear the "GO", it's not that she couldn't hear the "Kayla, go!" ... it's that she wouldn't go until her watch was ready for "RUN". She is definitely on her own time, haha! Good thing this wasn't an actual competition!

As much as that first video makes me laugh, this next video warms my heart. As she is concentrating on her own run she makes sure to encourage and cheer on the runners coming the opposite way.

This is her first year on the track team (she has previously been on the Running Clubs at her elementary and middle schools) but she generally doesn't seem to have a lot of stamina to keep running ... she's more like a short sprinter and then a walker. So I was surprised when I saw her go the distance during this training run and not stop to walk at all (twice). I was also surprised when I asked her if she wanted to join the track team and she enthusiastically responded with, "Yeah, I love to run!" Cue to me giving her the side-eye look.

I'm excited to see how far she'll progress during training and what she'll do at Spring Games!


Mom24 said...

Love this! Aren’t those side eye moments so funny?

Anonymous said...

love this video!! and yep , she is on her time!! :} she truly is her own person.

Yep, that is Kayla!! Glad he is enjoying the short sprints. love grandma