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Monday, August 12, 2019

PLAY Campaign at Fenway Park

One of the reasons we went to Boston was for Kayla to participate in the 3rd Annual PLAY Campaign (Promoting a Lifetime of Activity for Youth). This campaign is from the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS), the Taylor Hooton FoundationHenry Schein Cares, and the National Down Syndrome Society.

This program takes place at several Major League Baseball parks across the nation and brings together kids of all abilities for an inclusive, on-field, educational and athletic clinic with the PBATS.

When I first heard about the program a couple years ago and realized the Red Sox were one of the participating teams, I was so tempted to jump on a plane and take Kayla! However, she was at camp so the dates just didn't work out. This year when I saw the email about the upcoming campaign I wasn't really expecting that we would go, but just for fun I checked the schedule to see when they would be at Fenway ... and it was July 15, Kayla's birthday. The Red Sox were also in town and would be playing a game that night. Everything was telling me to GO! Don't miss this opportunity!

It's no secret that I'm a huge Red Sox fan (and of course raising my kids as such!) and I've wanted to take them to a game (we did see the Sox play the Braves in Atlanta a few years ago, and we also went to a Greenville Drive game - minor league team of the Sox here in Greenville, SC). But, FENWAY! This would be not only going to a game at Fenway, but getting to experience Fenway up close and personal.

A road trip would also give us a chance to stop in CT and visit with my dad's side of the family (which, again, timing was perfect for this as the day we stopped by was the day after the 7th anniversary of my dad passing away. It was so good to be with his family).

So! PLAY Campaign! It was such a neat experience and I'm so glad we made this opportunity happen for both Kayla and Lucas (siblings were able to join in on some of the activities) ... and I lived vicariously through them :)

We made it! Fenway Park!

Another bonus was getting to hang out with a friend I met via blogging years ago; she signed her daughter up to participate too!

She's on the field at Fenway! And there's the Green Monster!

Doing some warm-ups


 Only my girl ... cartwheels at Fenway!

Lucas catching a few fly balls

Taking some batting practice

Warming up in the bullpen 

I might have been a liiiittttle bit excited to be on the field at, did I mention, Fenway Park!

With pitcher Brian Johnson who was there with pitcher Marcus Walden for Q&A session

What a fun experience for everyone, and a fun way for Kayla to spend her birthday!

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

How awesome it is when blogging mates co-operate and participate, Michelle.