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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Chess Accomplishments

As I mentioned in this post, Lucas is really enjoying the game of chess and becoming quite a decent player (if I do say so myself!).

A few weeks ago the library chess club had a small tournament among their members and he came in third.

A few weeks after that he participated in the Charleston Fall 2017 Chess Scholastic tournament that was an official US Chess event. There were 21 players in his ratings bracket.

This kid took 2nd place! So proud of him!

There is another tournament this weekend that I wish he could participate in, but he has a soccer game (and he missed a game the weekend he participated in the chess tournament); the joys - or conflicts - of having interests that overlap!


Adelaide Dupont said...

I know - the joys and conflict.

Go Lucas go!

Good to have a mind sport and a body sport.

And different friends and different scenes - Lucas, do you have many friends who play chess and soccer like you?

Anonymous said...

He has interests and that is a good thing, he is physically active and mentally active. :} Yea, Lucas!! so proud of you and your challenge of always thinking ahead and than winning 2nd place in your bracket :} pa yourself on your back, love grandma