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Friday, October 20, 2017

Visiting Family in Wisconsin

Last month we went to Wisconsin for my grandmother's funeral. Initially I didn't think we would be able to make it because of the stress with dealing with the impeding Hurricane Irma. Thankfully that didn't impact out area too much.

The first of our 3 flights to get there. We were all smiles. By the end of the 3rd flight (one of those very small planes where we were sitting in the very back) I had almost lost the contents of my stomach and Kayla and Lucas were also feeling a bit queasy! Fun times. 

Kayla honed in on how difficult this was for my grandfather and she was constantly by his side trying to comfort him.

Even during the service she managed to sit next to him and as you can see she made sure he knew she was there for him. One of my cousins was sitting on the other side of Kayla and at one point she had her hand up on both of their shoulders (I didn't manage to capture that photograph though).

A little scenic spot we drove by when we went back and forth to our hotel; finally had to stop and take a picture. I imagine it looks even more pretty now with the fall colors on the leaves by this time.

A couple of funny stories from Lucas' observations.

My great-grandma lived on one side of my grandparents' house up until she died in 1989. I don't know the occupants of the house now, but that house will always be "my great-grandma's house" to me. I had also been explaining to the kids that their great-grandma was who passed away.

Lucas and I went outside to throw the frisbee and looking at what was my great-grandma's house he said, "They have a barn?" (It kind of does resemble the look of a barn).
I said, "No that's great-grandma's house."
L, "Oh so they lived in separate houses?"


I explained that it was my great-grandma's house and his great-great grandma's house. It was his great-grandpa (whose house we were at) mother's house.

A little while later as we were still outside playing, my great-uncle and his wife came out of my grandfather's house. This is my grandfather's brother - and he lives on the other side of my grandfather's house.

We chatted for a few minutes and then they continued walking and when Lucas turned around he realized they went in that house and asked me, "They live right there?"

Me, "Yes. That's great-grandpa's brother."
L, "So the people in these 3 houses are all related?!"

I laughed and told him yes, they used to, until their mom passed away. It's not a relative in that first house anymore.

I'm glad it all worked out and I'm glad the kids and I were able to be there with my family.

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