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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Kayla on the Runway

Kayla recently had the opportunity to be in a fashion show - and this is something she wouldn't ever pass up. Have I mentioned that she loves being on stage?! She does not get that from me. I don't think she knows the feeling of being self-conscious!

Ashley DeRamus has an online fashion boutique - Ashley by Design, and a foundation - Ashley DeRamus Foundation; and she has Down syndrome.

She was a vendor at the Southern Women's Show Charleston and Kayla was one of the models for her runway show.

Here is the video of Kayla on the runway.

Here is a video montage of the event from Ashley's photographer.

Kayla had some fun other than being on the runway - she watched some firefighter's work the runway, too! Kayla and I walked around to see some of the other vendors at the show and circled back around to Ashley by Design. Kayla was told that Ashley was back at the stage getting ready to watch the firefighters do a fashion show and she made her way over to sit by Ashley to watch this show with her.

They actually did model some casual and formal wear before donning their uniforms! This show was part of a charity event - the firemen were raising money for the Ronald McDonald House. I had to get a few pictures of Kayla with them; mostly for my sister who is also a fireman!


Cindy said...

What a great fashion show! Kayla, you're a beautiful model!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Yes, watching fire responders on the runway.

What a moment that would be for Kayla.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Kayla was GREAT ON THE RUNWAY!! she was doing the show as easy as if "she had been doing runway shows on a monthly basis. What a natural!! :} way to go Kayla, and Kayla getting up close and sitting by those firemen for your Aunt Kelly!! Love grandma Donna

Ellen Seidman said...

I love how great and mature she looks but maybe even more, I just love her confidence. She owned that runway! GO KAYLA!