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Monday, October 24, 2016

If We Won the Lottery

A couple of months ago we were talking about how high the Powerball jackpot had risen ... and of course how nice it would be to win that amount of money.

Lucas chimed in talking about different amounts, "What if the Powerball was x million dollars? What if it got to be x billion dollars?!"

This led to him talking about if we win how we'll each get x amount of the money. I don't remember the exact amount now, so I'll just throw at a nice even number, "If the jackpot was $800M we would each get $200M!" (Never mind about the choice between lump sum or yearly payouts, and all the taxes involved would reduce that $800M significantly!)

And then Joe told him, "Well actually, Kayla wouldn't be able to get that $200M."

Lucas, looking confused, "Why not?"

A quick explanation about how people with disabilities can't have more than $2K or they won't be eligible, or will lose out on, some benefits they might need to live independently.

Lucas, "That's not very fair." followed by, "Well if we ever do win the lottery we should just move to another country that doesn't do that so Kayla can have the money too."

Like most 8 year olds - and children in general - we often hear from him that something 'isn't fair' and we frequently respond with that cliche that no, "life isn't fair."

But this time I agree with him - it isn't fair that people with disabilities can't have more than $2K in assets and I wish that planning for her future didn't have to involve so many legal guidelines.

Although, if Kayla ever came in to $200M maybe she could say to heck with the federal benefits!

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Cindy said...

That's what I was thinking, 'If Beth ever won $200M we'd willingly give up her $600 a month. :)

Anonymous said...

yea. I agree!! you than would not need need help from government/ love Mom /grandma