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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Orkin Summer Scientist Bug Catching Kit Giveaway

Mosquitoes are a not-so-fun indication that summer is on the way (how I enjoy a reprieve from the heat, humidity, and mosquito bites during the winter months!), but despite those little buggers my kids still spend the majority of their free time outside playing ... and getting their legs and arms bitten.

Here is something to make summer a little more fun while they are outside, and a fun giveaway, courtesy of orkin.com, for readers of this blog as well.

The experts at Orkin study the science of mosquitoes (and other pests) to better tailor plans to keep them out of your home. To help your family prepare to "fight the bite", Orkin created the "Buzzer Beater" blog app which features scientific knowledge of mosquitoes.

You can test your knowledge of mosquitoes by taking this quick quiz and you might learn something new - I learned which color lights are less likely to attract mosquitoes.

The blog app also features the videos "How to Deal With Mosquitoes" and "Do Mosquitoes Prefer Adults Over Children?"

Now for the giveaway!

One reader will win an Orkin Summer Scientist Bug Catching Kit

The kit includes:
- DIY bug catcher craft kits
- 2 mesh insect nets
- 2 see-through bug jars
- 2 Magic Color Scratch Critters
- Assortment of glow-in-the-dark plastic critters

My kids are looking forward to adding this kit to their bug collection toys. They had a butterfly net that eventually met its demise after much use, including neighborhood kids using it in an attempt to catch fish/tadpoles from the pond. Lucas has a bug vacuum that will work well with depositing the bugs into the bug jar for observation. He also has a bug box that has been home, for a brief periods, to lizards, snails, and a frog at various times ... so yeah, there are a lot of bug/critter-catching that goes on around here!

To enter to win one of these kits just take the Buzzer Beater quiz and comment with a helpful or surprising fact you learned; or leave a comment with your own mosquito story or tips!

Please note that each household is only eligible to win a kit via blog reviews and giveaways, only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won a kit on another blog you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner will be chosen on Monday, May 16.

Learn more about Orkin on their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Disclosure: I will receive a Summer Scientist Bug Catching Kit in exchange for hosting a giveaway on my blog.
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1 comment:

Phylicia Phillips said...

Stay inside between dusk and dawn when mosquitos are out the most plus yellow lighting is bad!