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Monday, April 11, 2016

Meeting Some Soccer Legends

Kayla had a busy, fun-filled day of soccer opportunities with the Special Olympics.

The SO participated in a soccer clinic by the TeamFirst Soccer Academy. Four legendary female soccer players came to Mt Pleasant for two days of soccer clinics for various groups.

The clinic was led by Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, Tisha Venturini Hoch, and Ange Kelly.

I have to admit that I was excited for the opportunity to meet Mia Hamm in large part because of whom she is married to: Nomar Garciaparra (former All-Star shortstop for the Boston Red Sox). I was really hoping that maybe he would accompany her and I would have the chance to meet him as well; and yes I actually asked her if he came with her! I said, "I'm a Red Sox fan, so I just have to ask, did Nomar come with you?" He didn't, she said he wished he could have, but the baseball season just started and he's a broadcaster with the Dodgers.

I digress ...

Kayla had a fun time doing some soccer drills and a quick scrimmage game. After the clinic I asked her if she wanted to play soccer now. Her response, "Not yet, maybe when I'm thirteen."

Asking Mia Hamm to sign my sister's copy of Hamm's book. My sister, in her younger years (ha!) played soccer. When we went to visit my mom over Spring Break I was looking through the bookshelf in my sister's old room and saw the book and took it home with me to get autographed. Perfect timing!

With Kristine Lilly

With Ange Kelly

With Tisha Venturini Hoch

Later that evening we attended the Charleston Battery soccer game and the SO athletes escorted the starting players out on the field and stood with them for the national anthem.

Waving to all her adoring fans!

"Come on players!"

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Wow - four of the finest USA players - and that's not even the ones on the field.

Team first, Kayla!

Anonymous said...

wow, oh wow!!!! what an excitng day!! kayla looked like she was having fun. loved her comment " maybe when I am 13 !! :} sorry that your day, michelle was kinda of :{ well it is a good thing you all did come to MD and aunt kelly still had book on Mia Hamm! love mom/