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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Eight Is Great!

My boy. My baby. He turned eight today. Both of my children will always be my 'babies' but he is the last, the youngest. Eight is still young, but it also seems so old compared to just three years ago when he was five. Such a lifetime of difference in those years.

Lucas is a kind, inquisitive, creative, caring, big-hearted, sensitive, social, a bookworm, adventure-seeking, tree-climbing, soccer-playing, Lego-building, outdoor-loving boy.

He has also decided that he wants to live in the jungle when he's older. The jungle!

I had him help me re-make his bed by putting the fitted sheets on and he said he wasn't good at it; that it was hard to do. I told him that's why he was helping me, so he could learn how and be able to do it by himself one day. He reasoned, "I won't have to be making a bed in the jungle, I'll just be sleeping on a pile of leaves and stuff." Me, "Well yes, but there are a lot of years to go before you live in the jungle!"

We completely surprised him for his birthday when we showed up at the Charlotte Convention Center for the Lego KidsFest this past weekend. Suffice it to say he had a blast.

The moment he realized where we were:

Awww, after all these years he still loves me!

Yes, there are only 7 candles on his cake ... I must be in denial that he's growing up - oops!

Happy 8th birthday Lucas!

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Sabrina Steyling said...

Happy 8th Birthday Lucas!

Anonymous said...

oh michelle ,I loved everything you said about Lucas !!!and ,oh what a fun surprise he had at the convention center!!! A Lego convention !!! Joe, so very sweet. Lucas, I forgot to call you on your birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :{ Grandma feels just awful !!! Happy belated Birthday!! and as, you know Lucas, grandma loves you forever and always, always and forever! love grandma