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Monday, December 28, 2015

The Missing Christmas Present

I bought Kayla this Nutcracker CD for Christmas. She has enjoyed seeing the Nutcracker ballet the past couple of years and I thought she would enjoy listening to this CD; especially at night. She wants to have music on her CD player when she goes to bed, but I tell her that the pop songs aren't good for falling asleep to, that she needs something a little more soothing ... and I was so looking forward to her reaction on opening this CD.

And now it's gone missing.

It isn't a case of me hiding the CD somewhere and then forgetting where I hid it.

It's just ... gone.

I know it arrived in a box from Amazon with several other gifts. I brought all boxes and bags of gifts to our spare bedroom to hide and wrap gifts. I only started wrapping gifts the week of Christmas and this was a late order - it arrived early last week.

I specifically remember seeing the CD in the box it arrived in; I remember it sitting on the bed with a few other smaller gifts to be wrapped.

On the 23rd I brought all the bags and boxes of wrapped gifts downstairs to my room and as I was packing them up I realized I only had one wrapped gift that was obviously a CD (which was another one for Kayla); I couldn't remember wrapping the Nutcracker CD at all, but also didn't know where it was.

 I didn't take anything out of the room until the 23rd. I don't think it got mixed up with bags of trash because I brought the bags downstairs and went through them before putting in the trash. I searched all the boxes I broke down and put in the recycling bin.

I've looked "everywhere" that I can think to look in the spare room where everything was - in and under the bed, in the closet etc. It's just gone. I have no idea what I did with it, or how it got mixed up with something else. I'm starting to think that it did get thrown away, but I just don't know how that might have happened when I checked the bags I was putting trash in.

So frustrating and perplexing to just have it disappear!

Have you ever lost a gift you bought, not just couldn't find where you hid it, but never found out what happened to it?

I'm still hoping it'll turn up, but I don't know where else to look.

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Lu said...

My usual problem is buying a present early and forgetting I'd bought it, then discovering it months later when it's no longer suitable.
Recently we celebrated our 40th wedding and I received a pair of ruby earrings from my husband, which i only wear on special occasions, putting them on Christmas morning I dropped the clip from the back of one. I felt it drop, but having turned our bedroom over I can't find it anywhere.

Mom24 said...

I've definitely done it, but I've also really, really been convinced I've lost a gift only to have it be delivered later. Good luck! I hope you find it.