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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Coppeli Dance Recital

Kayla loves ballet. She loves the dance, the costumes, learning the routine, and performing on stage. When her class performed in the Christmas program she wanted to go backstage to dance on stage again. I'm thankful she's in a dance studio that didn't hesitate when I wanted to enroll her in classes. Kayla's experience isn't unique either - I've seen friends post pictures of their children who have Down syndrome in typical dance classes as well.

It is wonderful when places open their doors to children of all abilities and see the children first.

Kayla's recital was at the end of May and she had a blast. She's ready for another season of ballet.

Coppeli Ballet Recital

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Sabrina Steyling said...

Kayla, you are so beautiful! What a pretty costume, too. It definitely looked like you were having a blast up onstage! What a thrill! My sister danced for a few years herself, and she enjoyed it too. Glad you're doing something fun that you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

wonderful!! and she is so beautiful!! dancing is fun!! your aunt kelly enjoyed dancing too!!keep dancing love grandma

J said...

I love the outfits . Looks like Kayla had fun. Is it a Scottish theme ? (I don't know anything about dance or ballet so i have no idea)