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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What Was Old Is New Again

I have a storage bin of some toys and items from my childhood. I'm sure at some point the items I kept as I grew up filled more than one storage bin, but with multiple moves, not only across the country, but across the ocean, I've lost and purged many items. What I am left with fills one storage bin.

The bin contains Barbies, clothes, her jeep and horse and some blow-up furniture. Care Bear and Cabbage Patch mini plastic figurines. A Monchhichi doll. A My Friend Jenny doll. Moppett's Secret Doll House.

And also Fashion Plates.

The other day Kayla was looking through one of the many holiday catalogs that are arriving in the mail. There was a picture of Fashion Plates and she pointed to it. I told her what it was and what you can do with it and she said, "Yeah! Fashion Plates! I want that one!"

Why buy her a brand-new one for Christmas when I had a perfectly fine one upstairs in a storage bin? I had been intending to break that out at some point and give it to her; and there was no better time like the present.

She had fun with this the whole weekend. She's still having fun with it. Lucas even got in on the action. She'll ask me, "Mom color Fashion Plates with me?"

It's funny how toys, and clothing fashion, filters back around through the generations.

It's been fun sharing a piece of my childhood with her and watching her enjoy it as much as I did.

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Anonymous said...

this is when storing items and hanging on to them for a long time is a true benefit!! what a joy to know Kayla is enjoying the fashion plates you once enjoyed :} love grandma

Sabrina Steyling said...

I still have my Cabbage Patch doll and Monchichi doll too! Plus other stuff. My stash fits into one huge cardboard box. My dad used to order promotional toys through the mail, too. I still have those. My favorite is the Joy lemon, from Joy dish detergent. :)