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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Purple For A Purpose

November 13 is World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Purple is the color of pancreatic cancer awareness. The Pancreatic Cancer Network is encouraging people to wear purple tomorrow, and to contact members of Congress asking them to wear Purple For A Purpose; but more importantly asking Congress to pass an appropriations bill to include an increase for the NIH.

This link will take you to an easy form to use to automatically send a message to your state representatives.

We will once again be wearing purple tomorrow in memory of my dad.

I was telling Kayla about wearing her "Purple Stride" tshirt for school tomorrow because we are wearing "purple for Pepere."

K: "Pepere's at home?"
M: "No Kayla, you know he's not at home."
K: "He's in Heaven?"
M: "Yes, he's in Heaven."

She stomped her foot and said, "Maaa-aan!" in a way that you would when you're frustrated.

I asked her, "What was that for?"
K: "I miss him for a long time!"

Then she looked at her ceiling and said "I miss you Pepere. I love you Pepere." and she answered herself, "I miss you Kayla, I love you Kayla." as if it was my dad responding to her. She did that once a couple months ago when she was looking at his picture. She replied back in a deep voice pretending to be him.

She was trying to explain to me that she was talking to Pepere and he answered her back. Then she told me to "Go. You do it." and waved her arm back and forth from me to her ceiling. She wanted me to to talk to him, too. She wanted me to tell him that I loved him and missed him. And she wanted me to answer back as if he were answering.

I said, "So we're having a conversation with Pepere in Heaven? We're talking to him and he's talking back to us?"

K: "Yes, he said I love you and I miss you Kayla."

Yes, Kayla, that's exactly what he would say back to us.

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Sabrina Steyling said...

That is so sweet! My heart just melted.

Anonymous said...

oh michelle it brought tears to my eyes!! it is your dad saying hi and he misses you too. He is letting you know he is still around. I live that Kayla was talking out loud to her pepere and than answering back. love mom

Kerri Ames said...

I bet your dad is speaking to Kayla, and through that showing you how much he loves you. After all, he was there at Joe's ceremony through her.

Bonita said...


Elise Hopkins (Kids Included Together) said...

What a sweet story! Kayla is so lucky to have so much love in her life!