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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Katie Woo's Super Stylish Contest (and Book Bundle Giveaway!)

A few months ago I was at the library stocking up on some audio books and regular books for the kids. One of the books I grabbed off the shelf for Kayla was Fly High, Katie (Katie Woo). She really liked the book and read it several times. She even studied the back cover long enough to realize there were other Katie Woo books as she came to me saying, "Mom, I want this Katie Woo, and this one, and this one." She was interested enough to want to read the other books about Katie. I found another book at the library that we brought along on our recent trip to MD.

Just a couple of weeks ago I found out about a contest to design Katie Woo's next outfit.  Just download the black and white drawing, create an outfit using crayons, markers, colored pencils etc, and submit your design. Entries need to be submitted by Nov 17.

The author, Fran Manushkin, and illustrator, Tammie Lyon, will pick the best shirt, pants/skirt, shoes, and accessories and those winners' (up to 4) designs will be featured in an upcoming Katie Woo book. Each winner will also receive a Katie Woo Book Club Kit.

Unfortunately for Kayla the entrants must be in Kindergarten-3rd grade, but maybe you, dear reader, have a child in that grade range who would like to participate.

If you have a child interested in submitting their own designs just let me know in the comments below (and are they familiar with the Katie Woo series?) and FOUR winners will be selected (using Random.org) to receive a set of FIVE books! The 5 books are all about art and drawing to coincide with the design an outfit contest. Contest will close next week. 

The books in this giveaway are:
Katie Woo's Super Stylish Activity Book

Easy To Draw Animals  
A Halloween Drawing Spooktacular
A Thanksgiving Drawing Feast
Beginner's Guide to Drawing

And not to be left out, Kayla is also fortunate to receive a set of Katie Woo books to review, but I'm pretty sure I already know what her review will be - she'll like them!

Thanks to Capstone Young Readers for providing the books for the giveaway!


kristi mcdaniel said...

We are avid readers in our house, but havent heard of Katie Woo. They look very interesting and I am going to ask our library to get them. As well, my girls are very big into drawing and would love these giveaway books. Thanks for the chance to win!!!
Kristi McDaniel
myraggdyann at yahoo dot com

Sabrina Steyling said...

I haven't read the Katie Woo books yet but I've seen a couple of them. I've read Judy Moody, Ivy & Bean, and Dork Diaries - and by far Judy Moody is my favorite! But I will have to check out Katie Woo now! :)

Amy said...

We've never read the Katie Woo books, either! Thanks for the recommendation! Bummer our girls can't enter the contest - drawing and designing are some of her favorite things.

Kerri Ames said...

Oh Abby would love the Easy Way to draw animals. She draws all the time!