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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Military Retirement Ceremony

I still can't believe that Joe is now retired. Ok, technically he's still on active duty, but he's on terminal leave until 1 Jan, when his retirement is official-official. But for the most part, he's retired after the ceremony! It hasn't quite sunk in yet, and probably won't for a little while, it'll just feel like he's on a long leave. I have more to post on that, but need to gather my thoughts.

It was a very nice ceremony and we were thankful our families could make it in from out of town.

One thing that made it even more special was my brother officiated the ceremony. It was so nice and memorable to have that family connection. Another memorable thing was at the end of the ceremony the Air Force Song played and everyone sang along - including my brother. What made it memorable (and something you don't see that often) is my brother is a Captain in the Army and there he was singing the Air Force Song along with everyone else. He did serve in the Air Force for almost 8 years, so it was cool that he remembered the lyrics and could join in. I don't think you'd find that many Army guys who could sing the Air Force Song.

One of Joe's many certificates

 I got a couple spouse certificates

His shadow box. 
Neat story about the flag is it was his grandfather's flag (retired Navy), and then it was supposed to fly on a mission to Afghanistan and long story short - the flag ended up going around the world.

I gave the kids silly string to surprise Joe with when he got home. They enjoyed that!


Bailey's Leaf said...

Congratulations! :)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Awwww! Thank you for sharing this joyful event with us! Again, congratulations and thank you to Joe, you, and your family for everything you've done for so many years. XO!

Sabrina Steyling said...

Congratulations Joe! You really do have a very beautiful family. I love Kayla's dress, she looks like a fairy princess! That shadow box is magnificent, too - such a wonderful memento to have! Thank you again, Joe, for your service to our country!

Anonymous said...

it was a wonderful ceremony. It was a warm,loving and heartfelt gathering of family and friends who shared with Joe( and Michelle too) his retirement of 22 yrs of service to his country. And yes, it was special because your brother Mike officiated the ceremony. By the way, Mike you did a great job!! Joe, I was so impressed by the accomplishments you achieved in those 22 yrs. !! Wow. Job well done!!! Kayla and Lucas great job in silly stringing your dad :} I am so glad we were able to attend the ceremony. :} love mom

Beth said...


nichole said...

Congrats to Joe!