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Thursday, October 23, 2014

For The First Time In Twenty Years

Yesterday Joe did his final outprocessing on base. He put his uniform on for the last time; although I told him he could always dress up as an Airman for Halloween!

In honor of that being his last official need to wear his uniform, I took liberty with the lyrics/tune of First Time In Forever from Frozen and came up with this:

Cause for the first time in twenty years
He's not putting on a uniform
For the first time in twenty years
He'll be wearing civvies home

For the first time in twenty years
There'll be no hats, no hand salutes
For the first time in twenty years
No military-issued boots

No random urinalysis
No training for annual PT tests
Sleep in, don't shave, let his beard grow
A retiree, everyone will know

His hair can grow out past his ears
He outprocessed yesterday
Cause for the first time in twenty years
For the first time in twenty years
He'll be home all day!

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Bonita said...

Whoo Hoo!! That's something to celebrate! I'm excited for you all and the new adventures that lie ahead. I haven't had time to read many blogs lately, but I'm so glad I saw this post.

Thank you, Joe, for your service to our country! You've given your children a legacy to be proud of. And thank you, Michelle, for all the sacrifices you made so he could serve.

Praying for blessings upon blessings as you enter this new season of being TOGETHER!

Sabrina Steyling said...

I think that's awesome! As Tom Petty said so well, "The future is wide open." Enjoy!

Michelle said...

So cool!!!!! Lots of changes coming for you all - embrace them!

Anonymous said...

that was so good michelle. loved how you described his last day as a active duty airman. :}

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Brava to you and woo hoo to Joe. Great job to both! XO