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Friday, August 15, 2014

Silk'n Blue (Review)

There are times I wish I were still a teenager - you know - not having any of those oh-so-fun adult responsibilities! But one thing from my teen years that I wish I could've left behind is acne.

Yes, I'm 41 years old and acne still bothers and frustrates me. I'm not a teen anymore, why can't I just have clear skin finally?!

I have tried a number of different facial cleanser and other products to help clear up and prevent acne, but the prevent part never seems to work for me.

I've been to a dermatologist and was on prescription medicine cream for my face as well as an antibiotic. While that did seem to help and lessen the breakouts, being on an antibiotic is not a long-term solution. After I stopped the antibiotics it was only a matter of time before the acne started again.

I don't have severe acne and I have much less than I did as a teen ... but it's still enough that these breakouts frustrate me, and at times depress me.

I had the opportunity to try Silk'n Blue for several weeks. What did I have to lose if it didn't work? It isn't prescription medication to take, or tubes of creams to try out, or chemical treatments. It is an at-home acne treatment system that destroys acne-causing bacteria and dehydrates oil-producing glands to prevent future breakouts. The Blue device starts neutralizing bacteria immediately.You'll see the results of clear skin in 3-7 weeks, sometimes sooner.

So what is Blue? It is a hand-held light device that incorporates blue-light therapy. The American Academy of Dermatology says this is the best-known  light therapy for acne treatment. It is clinically tested, FDA-approved, and recommended by dermatologists and has no harsh chemicals that dry out the skin.

That was a biggie for me - I hate using the topical creams and after a couple of days my skin is dried out and peeling and then I'm dealing with that!

So I've used the Silk'n Blue for several weeks and I have been impressed. As I just mentioned - no dried out skin!

It is easy to use - just place on the acne breakouts for 3 minutes and then move to another section of your face for another 3 minutes. It combines the blue light with heat radiation, but the tip has a sensor so it never gets above 106 degrees. There is no burn or redness to my face at all after using this.

I have been impressed and satisfied with this product. I think I've only had 2 or 3 small pimples crop up since using this; which is much less than I would have during that same time period when not using Blue. While the pimples weren't necessarily gone the next day they were gone in a shorter amount of time and they stayed small compared to the size they usually get. Using Blue seemed to keep the pimples contained and treated them before they could get inflamed.

Highly recommend the Silk'n Blue whether you're a teen or an adult: If you're bothered by acne this product is worth a try! You can use the coupon code EXTRATWENTY to get 20% off by Sep 30, 2014.

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Disclaimer: I received this product from Mom Central and Silk'n to try for free. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Wow! I had not heard of blue-light therapy! Amazing. Thanks for this. XO