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Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Day of School

Last day of 4th grade!

 Last day of Kindergarten!

 Ready for Summer!

Bittersweet. That's what the last day of school is. No more comfort zone of the same teacher and classmates and routine all school year long ... now summer break and then on to a new grade (5th! 1st!), new teachers, new classmates.

It's also bittersweet because while it'll be nice to take a break from school and the mad rushes in the morning, and preparing lunches and outfits the night before ... I will also miss having my house quiet and all to myself! I will miss being able to run errands in half the time it takes me than when I have kids tagging along!

We will have one week of somewhat quiet, lazy, downtime days before the craziness of summer schedules begin.

VBS, ESY, camps, camps, and more camps, and a trip to IN for the NDSC convention in July.

Kayla is going to her first 2 sleep-away camps this summer. To say I'm nervous would be an understatement. But I keep telling myself it'll be good for her - the independence away from home - right? Right?!

She is going to the first sleep-away camp with her best friend so that will be nice to have a familiar face. The second camp is to Victory Junction - she is at least familiar with it since we just went there for a family weekend, but I keep reminding her that this time we're dropping her off and Lucas won't be with her either.

Speaking of sleep-away camps, Lucas is actually going to his first one too. How can that be?! He is going to the sibling week at Victory Junction. I kept asking him if he was sure he wanted to go without us and spend 4 nights there and he insists that he wants to and is ready. He had such a blast during the family weekend and can't wait to go back.

Summer adventure awaits us!

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Unknown said...

OH my....good luck with the camps. I still freak at just a sleep over for Abby!

Anonymous said...

it is always bittersweet. I just hope both Kayla and Lucas have good friends, teachers and new school year. wow camps and all by themselves!! sounds fun tho. busy summer too. love mom

Unknown said...

I found your blog through Kerri. Your beautiful kiddos DO have "Big Blueberry Eyes"! Awesome name and a new follower!