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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Letting Her Go Towards Independence

I admit to, at times, being a bit of a helicopter mom. Some of that may have been because I was a first-time mom with Kayla, some of it may have to do with having a child with a disability. It's hard to find the balance between hovering for protection and safety, and backing off to allow for growing independence.  

Kayla will often say to me, "I got it Mom!" or "Let me do it!" and I need to listen to her more often. Listen to her pleas of independence and self-confidence. I need to back off and let her try and fail; I need to back off and let her find her way. I need to back off and let her figure it out. But at times, it's so hard to do.  

I shared this story on FB last month of getting to the bus stop one morning, and wanted to share on my blog too.

The bus was already at the stop this morning when we walked out of the house. I took Kayla's hand and we started running, her laughter echoing behind us. As we neared the bus she let go of my hand and cheerily called behind her, "I got it Mom!"
As I watched her run on ahead of me it was an unintentional glimpse in to the future where she continues to confidently tell me "I got it Mom!" and letting go will be part of that.

She doesn't need me for everything and I have to remind myself that is a good thing.

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Stephanie said...

It is hard letting go. I am finding myself in that conundrum right now as we move from preschool to elementary school. I don't think I realized how hard it would be for ME. Having friends who understand is definitely helping!

Cindy said...

Oh yea, I remember those days. It's so hard to let them try... anything that we might have doubts about. It's scary for us, but oh the celebrations when they accomplish what they set out to do!