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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Day In The Life of Kayla

As I mentioned in this post (and you can still leave a comment on that post as I am donating $1 per comment to Plus 15 where donations are matched 3:1 today!) I am participating in a blog hop for World Down Syndrome Day. The theme we decided on is "A Day in the Life" of an individual with Down syndrome.

I took some video clips of Kayla over a couple of days and then edited those down to a 4 and a half minute (you're welcome!) video montage of what is more like "A Peek Into The Life" of Kayla.

A typical week day for Kayla:
- Wake up at 6am and do the whole morning routine of breakfast, brushing teeth and hair, getting dressed and walking to the bus stop.
- If it's Mon I pick her up after school and we go directly to vision therapy (45 min)
- If it's Tue she rides the bus home and a short time later we go back to school to pick Lucas up from Mad Science
- If it's Wed I pick her up after school and we go directly to vision therapy (45). After VT we go directly to speech therapy (30 min)
- If it's Thur she comes home on the bus (and you'll see in the 2nd video she is interested in the running club at school; if I can still sign her up for that I think they meet on Thur after school)
- If it's Fri she stays after school for Drama Club

The days we are actually home after school she either plays outside or retreats upstairs to her room/the play area and plays dress up or any number of things. She likes her space. She likes to do her own thing after school and therapies. She likes to de-stress. The rest of the time is usually rushed to fit in studying, some homework, reading, shower, eating dinner, making lunch, on the off-therapy days doing eye and speech exercises at home, pick out clothes for the next day, read a story before bed.

In this video you'll get a true peek as to what a day in her life is like: complete with rushing to get ready in the morning (it's an every.single.morning mantra "c'mon Kayla, hurry up, we're going to be late, let's go, hurry! and getting up 15 min earlier wouldn't help. She's already up at 6 as it is. We would still be doing the hurry up routine. She has no sense of urgency), tween moodiness, and silliness that you'll hear in her high-pitched, talking-like-a-baby voice while going over government facts.

And in this video I am asking Kayla all about her day. She mostly gives me one word answers, "yeah, yeah, yeah, yes, uh huh, no" and then finally gives me a little conversation to work with. The head band was part of her after-school-dress-up-fun.

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AZ Chapman said...

love the videos

nichole said...

love this!

Kelly said...

Loved seeing this, thank you for sharing!