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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

His First School Presentation

And so it begins ...

Lucas had his first presentation/project/report to give in Kindergarten. They had to chose a person for Black History Month and give a few facts about that person to the class. They could chose to dress up as that person if they wanted to, but wasn't required.

At first Lucas said he wanted to do his report on Coretta Scott King. Then he said, "but I can't dress up like her cause she's a woman." So I told him he could do his report on Jackie Robinson; I told him that he was a baseball player so he could wear a baseball shirt, cap, and bring a glove in to complete his costume. He was sold on that idea.

I didn't get to go in to his class to watch him give his report (I was out of town that day!) but here is a video (mainly for my mom to see him in action!) of Lucas giving his report at home.

Just picture him wearing a #42 Dodgers tshirt, a baseball cap, and holding a glove! I think he did pretty well for his first presentation - except all his moving back and forth - he was making me motion sick - ha!


Sabrina said...

Oh he is so cute! Yeah, his back and forth moving got me a little motion sick too but I think he did a really great job!

Paula said...

Wow! That's amazing reading for a kindergartener!!

Anonymous said...

thank you michelle for making a video of Lucas first presentation!! yea, he was a little wiggle worm! loved it tho!! great reading!! :} yea all decked out in glove, cap and #42 couldnt go wrong with that combination.!! It is to bad you had to miss his classroom presentation, but ,because of me, you have his practice run. :}

Mardra said...

Can't help but smile all the way through that! Good job Lucas!