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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Ice That Was, The Snow That Wasn't

It's rare to get a day off school in SC because of weather, but that's what happened this week. They were off starting at 1030 on Tuesday and just went back to school today - all thanks to Winter Storm Leon.

While some parts of the South did get snow, like Atlanta and Birmingham, areas in NC, and even some places in the Upstate (of SC) we didn't get any of the expected snow.

They were calling for a 'wintry mix' starting Tuesday afternoon of rain, freezing rain, and sleet. It was supposed to turn in to all freezing rain by nightfall and after midnight it was going to turn in to snow. We were in the area of expecting about 4 inches of snow by late Wed morning.

I wasn't going to tell the kids we were expecting snow, but by Monday the weather reports made it seem like a pretty sure thing. So I told them. I told Lucas he would be able to shovel our driveway. Since he's been saying he wants to move back to MD so he can "see some snow" he was pretty excited when he went to bed Tuesday night.

They were right about the freezing rain and the ice we got over night. But the snow? It was a dusting. Not even enough to measure.

When I told Kayla it was just a dusting she said, "It's not dust! Look! It's snow all over!"

This was Lucas' reaction to being able to 'shovel' the driveway:
We did start to get some big, really big, heavy, wet flakes early Wed morning. This got us all excited that maybe we'd see some accumulation after all. So, still in pj's, the kids hurriedly put on coats, hats, gloves, and shoes to go outside. And those nice big flakes almost immediately turned in to small flurries in those few minutes.

Oh well, they were still excited to go explore all the ice we had around the house. And Kayla thought it was the neatest thing to pluck the icicles off Joe's truck and eat them.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awww. :{ that they did not get the snow. waldorf and south of waldorf got your 4 inches of snow !!! :{ but, it does look like they enjoyed the ice on cars leaves and slide and etc. :} love memaw/grandma