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Monday, July 08, 2013

The Blue Line

We took the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway from Blue Ridge, GA to the twin border towns of McCaysville, GA and Copperhill, TN.

We started the trip from where we just spent a week on vacation - Sapphire, NC. It was just over 2 hours to get to Blue Ridge, GA. The first almost-hour of that trip was a harrowing (for me!) drive through twisty, narrow mountain roads.

Joe was driving. Not that that was a bad thing. But maybe I should have driven because then I would have been more preoccupied with the act of driving instead of the 3-D images that kept greeting me around every bend and curve of the road. Images of rocks jutting out of the mountainside coming right towards me. Ok it sure did seem like they were coming right towards me, it didn't seem like there was any room for a car to go around those corners without hitting something. It was like watching a 3-D movie and thinking something was coming out to get you.

Seriously. You should have seen me. I was half-way leaned over, ok more than leaned over, most of my body was coming off of my seat and practically jumping in Joe's lap. But we made it - safely - without a scratch on me, or the van.

I thought I could relax on the ride back until I realized I would be on the side of the road that had the sheer drop offs into the unknown. Fun times.

The train ride was worth it though. We sat in the open air car and got popcorn and big pretzels from the concession car. It was a beautiful 1 hr train ride along the Toccoa River.

The border towns of McCaysville, GA and Copperhill, TN have a blue line right through the town that mark the border of the state line.

Lucas thought it was neat that we can stand in one state and be in another state by stepping over the blue line. Or straddling the blue line and having a foot in each state. Ok, we all thought that was pretty neat!

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Sabrina said...

That's cool, having one foot in one state and the other foot in a totally different one. Sadly, this Jersey girl has no real travel experience; I've been around NJ, and I've been to NY, DE, PA and FL. Nowhere else. But I'd love to travel someday. I have lots of friends all over the world that I'd love to visit, plus I love photography too. :)

Anonymous said...

what an adventure!! I mean on the windy, curvy road !!!! yikes!!

what fun to be on a train ride for an hour and THAN BE IN TWO STATES AT THE SAME TIME!! :} was Kayla taking a pic of you all in the one pic of you all standing between two states because i did not see her in the pic. anyway, so glad you made a memorable vacation time. staying in the mountains, hiking the trails, time spent together, and a train ride and etc. :} glad you had fun. love mom, memaw, grandma

Carla said...

Oh Michelle, I had a journey similar to that when we were on holiday in Majorca, Spain. I didnt' realise the road would be so narrow, windy with sheer drops until I was on it with no way off but keep going!!

Alastair is terrified of heights which made it worse and we literally screamed at each other for the entire journey! LOL

Lisa said...

I live closer to Blue Ridge then you were and I've never even thought about doing that ride. Your pictures might change that though - my girls would love it and it would be a great addition to summer vacation! thanks for sparking the idea!