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Thursday, July 25, 2013

(3) 21 Down Syndrome Blog Hop

Quick and easy monthly community blog hop! 3 things on the 21st of the month (ok I'm a few days behind, but links are open until the 28th!).

One Truth (About Ds/our lives with Ds)
- Kayla having Down syndrome hasn't prevented our family from doing anything we've wanted to do.

One Tip (something related to Ds, raising a child w/Ds, or parenting in general)
- Don't underestimate your child. Let them show you what they can do and give them the space to do it.

One Photo

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Anonymous said...

YEP,and as parents you see her potential as any parent would do with their child.. beautiful, pic of kayla. love mom

Cindy said...

Beautiful picture! She is gorgeous and really growing up!

Muttering Mama said...

I missed this! Are you going to do it again? I would have loved to participate.