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Friday, June 07, 2013

Ms Frog Had Baby Snake

What we heard Kayla say the first time:
"Ms Frog had a baby snake."
Process of elimination:
Someone had a baby snake?
Kayla: No... repeats her sentence.
Joe: The frog had a baby snake?
Kayla: No...repeat
Joe: A shake?
Kayla: No...
Me: Oh, Mrs. Vaughn?!
Kayla: Yes!
Lucas: She's saying Mrs. Vaughn had a baby snake.
Kayla: No! Mrs Vaughn had baby snake!
Joe: Snake? Shake?
Kayla: NO! Baby snake!
Me: OH! Ms Vaughn had baby JAKE!
Kayla: YEAH!

Mrs. Vaughn is Kayla's ST in school. Back in Feb she gave birth to her son, Jake. From the rest of the conversation Kayla was able to tell us that Mrs Vaughn brought baby Jake to school and Kayla got to hold him and Mrs. Vaughn took a picture.

Usually we can understand Kayla, but there are still times with some of her enunciation of words, that we play a guessing game as to what she is saying ...and we end up with a conversation like the one above.

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Kerri Ames said...

I'm so glad I am not the only one who goes through this, today in OT Boo's therapist asked me what Boo was saying and I had no freaking idea

Stephanie said...

The same thing happens to us but it's in sign language instead. Owen's sign for monkey, outside, and please are all too similar (even though there is NO way they should be, but that's a different story altogether). He usually just goes to the door if he wants to go outside because I understand that much better!

Kristi Campbell said...

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. My son continually says this "Fee, Fie, no ny naah." We're like "do you want a banana? Him "no." Um, "Fee fye fo fum?" Him "no." Still trying to figure it out. So glad you got this one because I am a JERK everytime anybody asks (and everybody asks) "what did he say?" Um???

Tess said...

I can totally get you as my daughter Samantha who is now 13 was adopted from China a year ago with a cleft palate/cleft lip. It is corrected now but it has impaired her speech. Plus she is learning English and boy our language has some odd sounds for her.

Anonymous said...

How frustrating for Kayla, also. bless her heart, she knew exactly what she was saying to you... :} love mome

LJ said...

If I'm having a hard time with understanding what Aaron has to say I ask him to write it down or spell it out loud. it has helped us so much!! ... perhaps Kayla could do the same or even draw a picture!
have you looked into an ipad to improve speech? Aaron was approved an ipad recently through a children's charity. they will pay for it and a speech app! I am so excited!!

Jaida said...

Ohhh, that's a familiar script at our house. Every time I get frustrated, I think about how amazingly frustrating it must be for Pacey and yet he keeps a good nature about it. I think Brighton is actually the best at translating for him at this point!