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Monday, June 24, 2013

Conversations With Lucas, Part III

Lucas, "Can I have some crackers?"
Me, "No, you just had bread."
L, "What does that have to do with it?"

Lucas said he wished he was a girl. When I asked why he said that girls do more fun things (couldn't give me an example though). Then he said boys get in trouble.
I said, "If you don't do things you shouldn't be doing you wouldn't get in trouble."
L, "That's just the way we're made."
Me, "What do you mean?"
Lucas, "That's the way God made us."

Kayla was upset that we were going back home after spending some time at the Children's Museum. Joe said we were going to "emoh." (Home spelled backwards). The kids started asking questions about what they could do there. We said there were books, dress-up, puzzles, toys etc. there. They were getting excited. Then Lucas said "I think we're going home. You're just saying all that to try and make Kayla happy."

Lucas slept in one morning; I asked why he slept so late. He said he didn't know, but he was opening and closing his eyes and opening and closing them till he went back to sleep. "Maybe I was in the middle of a dream and didn't want to wake all the way up. Cause if I woke up and went to sleep again at night the dream might not be there again.'

Told Lucas we were going to book fair at Kayla's school and he could bring money from his piggy bank. He said he didn't want to bring any of his money; when I asked why he said he was saving it to buy a car and a house.

Playing with scavenger hunt cards while we were driving. Lucas had to look for a person riding a bike, he called out he saw a bike. Since we were on the highway I asked where and he said, "On that sign!" I told him that was good thinking outside of the box. He asked, "Thinking outside what box? where is the box?"

"I actually want to tell you something, but I actually can't explain it because I don't think you'll get it."

Upon returning home from the store Lucas greets me with, "Look Mom!"
I say, "Oh you're silly...wearing your shoes w/your pajamas."
Lucas, "NO! I TIED my own shoes!" (Can we slow down with the growing up already!?)

"Where is the Table of Continents" in this book?

"I want to see Jesus one day."
Me, "Well, if you believe in Jesus in your heart, when you die you'll go to Heaven and see Him."
L, "I said I want to see him one day. One day means when you're still alive. When you're in Heaven you go to sleep and it's forever."

Lucas tells me that after tying his shoes he wants to go to the stairs before we leave because he wants to ask God something. He comes back to me and says, "I couldn't hear God say anything to me."
Me, "Well sometimes we don't hear God right away, and sometimes he answers us later by the things that happen - we just might not hear his voice directly speaking to us."
Lucas, "Well I need an answer right now!"
Me, "Why? What did you ask God?"
Lucas, "If I could be Flash Gordon."
Me, "How come you want to be Flash Gordon right now?"
Lucas, "Because he's fast and I think he's faster than cars and then we won't be late."

Hearing the mail truck Lucas says, "I wonder if God sent me a letter today."
Me, "I don't think there are post offices in Heaven that can send mail here."
Lucas, "Well God can just come down here to use the post office."

I was driving home with just Lucas and had something on my mind. He was chattering away and asked me something. I responded and then asked him something. He said, "I already told you that! Weren't you listening to me when I was talking about it?"
Realizing I had been caught I sighed and said the only thing I could say, "I'm sorry. I was distracted with something on my mind and wasn't paying attention to what you said."
Lucas, "Well can you pay attention to the road?"
Me, laughing, "I AM paying attention to the road while I'm driving. I promise you that."
Lucas, "At least I made you laugh!"

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teal915 said...

He sounds like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

He sure is something else. always thinking!! always wondering!!almost his thinking or process is way beyond his years. Thank you for keeping notes on his conversations. It will be sad when he goes off to school all day in the fall. the conversions you have with Lucas are PRICELESS !!!! LOVE MOM

Sabrina said...

How cute! That boy is wise beyond his years, that's for sure. ;)

Mom/MIL/Grandma said...

What a wonderful way to start my day. I was feeling a little down this morning but reading Lucas-isms make me smile and realize how lucky I am to have such an awesome family.

J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J said...

I enjoy your "conversations with Lucas" pieces. His humour and reasoning just makes me laugh,. Thanks for sharing