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Monday, April 29, 2013

Conversations With Lucas Part II

"I wish I could have that dream I had last night, or maybe the night before, or the night before that."
M: "Oh? What was it about?"
L: "I don't remember."
(Laughter from me)
"If you don't remember what the dream is about why do you wish you could have the dream again?"
"I just do. I remember some things."
"Was it a good dream?"
"Not really."
(Laughter, again.)
"You wish you could have the dream again, but it's not really a good dream, and you don't remember what it's about?"
"I said I remember some things."
"Ok, what things do you remember? What can you tell me about it?"
"I don't know."
After some thinking he just says- "Dreams are liking reading a book."

L: "I want to have a pair of rocket boots."
Me, "Have you seen those on someone?"
"No, but you put them on your shoes and they lift you off the ground and you can fly. That's what I want."
"I've never seen those before, I'm not sure where I would buy them."
"They are kind of like planes, but for your shoes. They just lift you off the ground and you stay in the air."
"They sound neat."
"They have this green thing on the back and it spins around and has things on it and then it gets smaller."
"So you've seen them before?"
"Then how do you know what they look like? How do you know it has that green thing on the back?"
"I'm just guessing."

Kayla got Lucas a scented marker for Christmas. Lucas got 'scented' and 'sensitive' mixed up and started calling it a 'sensitive marker. One day he was using this marker when Joe noticed a green mark on his thumb. Lucas told him it was from the 'sensitive marker' then said, "Do you think I'm sensitive now? Do you think I have a sensitive thumb?"

Lucas, "I want to grow bigger so I can have a kid. Who is going to be my kid?"
You haven't had your kid yet so I can't tell you who is going to be your kid!
L: "What is his name?"
I don't know, you have to name your kid.
L: "Why do I have to name him?"
What are you going to call him, hey kid?
L: "I'm going to name him Lucas!"

I know what I want to get Kayla for her birthday. A plane ticket to MD!

The kids were playing 'castle' with Joe. Joe says he's the king because he has the crown. Lucas says he's not a king because he doesn't have a heart. Joe says kings don't need a heart. Lucas says, "Yes they do because I'm a king and I have a heart!" Joe asks him what his heart is for and Lucas says "God!"

Kayla runs upstairs to get her socks and Lucas says "Go get your socks! Go get your poop-head!"
Joe, "Lucas..."
Lucas, "How did that just pop out of my head?"
Me, "Don't you mean how did that pop out of your mouth?"
L, "No, all the words are in my head and I was going to say socks so I don't know how that popped out of my head. I have a wall around those words."
Joe, "I guess you better build that wall a little higher."

"A big spoon is almost the same as a little spoon, but it's bigger. And has a bigger scoop."

"Kayli is 4 and I'm 4 so we're like twins! But with different moms and different houses."

L, "Dad said I could play the Wii until 10:00."
Me, "I don't know what you're talking about Lucas, you're in school at 10am and you're sleeping when it's 10 at night."
L, "I just made that up."

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Anna said...

LMAO!! Lucas sounds like he is a cute, funny, thoughtful kid!!

Anonymous said...

lol Sounds like your son is very smart, and has a great sense of humor! :)

Vickie Trippe said...

I love that little guy! Thanks for the laughs.