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Monday, February 25, 2013

Height Advantage

Kayla and Lucas are 4.5 yrs apart; although you probably couldn't tell it by their size. They look like they could be only 2 yrs apart. Kayla isn't very tall. She's taller than Lucas, but not by much. I imagine in a few years Lucas will be taller than her.

Her being taller came in handy to her last night. She can hold her arm straight above her head and Lucas can't reach whatever she's holding. On occasion Kayla will do this to tease Lucas. Last night it was with the Ipod.

She was holding it above her head, smiling and laughing, as Lucas reached, and then jumped in an attempt to grab it. It was all in good fun as he found it amusing ... and I think he enjoyed the challenged of trying to get something that was unreachable.

I secretly love that she can do this. For one, it's such a sibling thing to do. For two, since it won't be long until he's taller than her I want her to be able to use her height over him while she can. For three, there are things that he can do that she struggles with, so I like that she is able to hold something out of his reach.

Lucas almost got her last night though. As he stood staring at her arm raised up high I could see the wheels turning. Then he reached out and started tickling her side and armpit in hopes that it would cause her to lower her arm.

It was a good strategy and would have worked ... had she been in a ticklish mood last night.

For now, she won that battle.

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Lisa said...

I just love the "normal" sibling stuff between my girls. From fighting over which movie to watch to cuddling on the couch - it is great to appreciate all of it. I watch my almost 4 year old getting closer to overtaking her 7 years old sister and I wonder if it will both Cate later on.

Becca said...

While Samantha doesn't have a sibling with whom I can do height comparisons, I always wonder just how tall she'll be. How much will that chromosome affect her height genes from her tall family?

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