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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When I Was A Kid

Nothing like having a "When I was a kid..." conversation to make you feel old.

"When I was a kid we didn't even have computers in school!" (OK I did in high school; but definitely not in elementary. And the computers we used were huge with a big black screen and blinking square for your cursor. And of course, no internet connection!)

Look of shock on Lucas's face. "You didn't? Why?"
"They didn't even exist."
"What does exist mean?"
"It means they weren't around."
"Houses didn't have computers either?"
"No, we didn't have computers in our houses either."
"Then how did you type?"
"On typewriters!" And then I beat him to the punch by guessing what was coming next, "And what's a typewriter?"
"Well, what is a typewriter?"

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Sabrina said...

I started having computer class when I was in third or fourth grade, 1988 or so. I can still remember sitting in front of those big, boxy monstrosities with the black screen and orange cursor/typeface - the biggest thrill back then was when we learned how to type in the DOS commands to change the background color of the screen! Imagine how cutting edge that was considered then...

Anonymous said...

this is so funny!!..yep, kids in their innocent thinking do make you feel OLD!!! :) love mom

Nan said...

Even older ... when Jessie was little, SHE didn't have a computer and we had to make reading materials by writing and cutting out pictures from magazines ... and when she was little the only DS community we could connect to was local! Or regional, or national if you could afford to go to the conferences... well, you could read newsletters. But conversations were definitely local, sometimes filled with rumours about what other people were doing elsewhere! That was one small community!