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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Caring Santa at Simon Malls

For the 3rd consecutive year Ability Path has joined forces with Simon Malls across the country to host  "Caring Santa" for kids with special needs and their families. Noerr Programs is providing the photography.

Caring Santa is a special photo session that is set up privately and is sensory-friendly. Dim lights, no music, play stations while kids wait, and pre-scheduled appointments to limit the wait time.

This year's participants include 81 Simon Malls, 2 military exchanges, and 6 independent malls.

They aren't in every state, but you can search by state and see if there is a Caring Santa near you to sign up.

The events for the military - called Santa Cares - are being held at Ft Bragg in NC and Ft Campbell in KY. Both of those events are this Sun, Dec 2, from 0900-1100.

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Sabrina said...

Just for the heck of it I looked up New Jersey in the list and was very disappointed to see that none of the malls in my area are participating! There is only ONE mall in all of NJ that is participating, and it's very far away. I wonder why.

Amber Tamulewicz said...

Thanks for posting this. So great that this is an option. Will definitely keep this in mind in the next few years!!