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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 15 Giveaway: Monica & David Documentary

Today's giveaway is a DVD of the documentary featuring Monica & David.

I saw the screening of this film at the NDSC Convention in Orlando . The film really made me stop and think about Kayla's future ... and the things we need to be doing to prepare her for her future. Things to help ensure she can live her life as independently as possible.

I love the love story between Monica & David. You can tell how much they love and adore each other. It makes me smile thinking of that being Kayla one of these days.

The film won Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival and the South Dakota Film Festival. It also won 2n place IDFA Amsterdam Audience Award, and been named an official selection for Silverdocs and Hotdocs Film Festival, and opening night for the Anaheim Film Festival.

Here is an update from earlier this year: Monica and David Just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary and are doing amazingly well.  They recently started new volunteer jobs at a local hospital, working with kids in the daycare center.  David’s healthy and continues to monitor his diabetes well.  He recently threw the opening pitch at a pre-season Florida Marlins baseball game!!  Turns out that the Marlins’ new manager, Ozzie Guillen, is a huge fan of the film and has quickly become friends with Monica, David and their family.

View the trailer here:

A DVD of Monica & David has graciously been donated for this giveaway.

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Wilde Family said...

This documentary intrigues me. The thing I sorrowed most of all for when we had the birth diagnosis of our beautiful son was the ineligibility of marriage for him. Now that I see a documentary, maybe that isn't so out of reach after all. I wonder . . .

Allison said...

I would love to watch this DVD!

lovemy3 said...

This was one of our original fears, also. I haven't seen the documentary yet.

AZ Chapman said...

really want to c this

Claire Imsen said...

I have been wanting this dvd FOREVER!

Lisa said...

We saw this movie when it was on HBO or some movie channel. The view of the relationship between Monica & David opened up a new set of ideas for me on what Cate's life might be like as adult. I think of her as totally capable now but somehow didn't imagine her in anything more than a "high school boyfriend" kind of relationship. The other thing it made me think about was how important it was for us to teach Cate life skills so she can live with another person if she wants to - I have never thought about teaching her to make a sandwich or empty the dishwasher before this, granted she was only a baby at the time. Now we make an effort to start those skills early to make sure she is ready as we can make her
for whatever she wants as an adult.

my family said...

i remember the first time I heard about this couple...Id love to see the dvd

alamama said...

from the snippets i have seen, i love this couple!

Chriss said...

I'd love to see this.