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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Running for Down Syndrome Research

I'm not a runner, but my husband is becoming one. He ran the Cooper River Bridge Run earlier this year and is already signed up for next year.

He's currently preparing for his first marathon. He'll be participating, (appropriately enough since he is active duty Air Force thankyouverymuch!) in the Air Force Marathon.

Running and Down syndrome research have come together in the form of the Research Down Syndrome Organization. RDS is a non-profit organization supporting Down syndrome cognition research.

One of the ways they raise money is through running - Research Down Syndrome Runners/Race for the Extraordinary.

There are RDS Runners teams participating in races all across the country.

One of these races is the above-mentioned Air Force marathon that Joe is already signed up for. It was easy to connect the two and have Joe join the RDS Runners for his first marathon.... what could be better than running to raise awareness, support, and funding for Down syndrome cognition research?

There is also a team running in the Disney Marathon in January - he's planning on signing up for that too -quick family vacation to Orlando!

Here is Joe's Crowdrise Fundraiser page for RDS Team in the Air Force Marathon.

Good luck Joe!

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