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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Helsingborg, Sweden

We spent a nice day walking around Sweden. We walked to a pirate playground near the ocean where we had a very special play date with a blogging friend! (Pics to come in another post). We walked back through the center of town and then made our way up the Karnan - the very old (we're talking dating back to the 1300's!) medieval tower.

We climbed a lot of stairs to get to the top of that tower. I mean a lot. My kids were awesome with all the walking and climbing.


Looking out this stained glass window is where the ships come in to port.

The view from the top of the tower.


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1 comment:

Meriah said...

oh man.. MEMORIES! I had a lot of fun in Helsingborg years ago. I went up to Finland from Switzerland on the Eurail as a vacation from my teaching job in Macau (which was then a Portuguese colony in China).

My maternal great-grandmother was from Sweden and it really did me a trip to see how many things Swedish we eat/do that I always thought were just typical Californian. Really, really surprised me.

Loved that country, love your post too!