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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Models in the Making

Kayla and Lucas participated in a back-to-school photo fashion shoot for the local parenting magazine - Lowcountry Parent. They had a fun time at the shoot and I think the pictures came out great! Hmm... maybe this could be the start of something new for them! Ha!

And I love this video clip that was put together from the photo shoot ... Kayla makes me smile with her dancing moves!

A picture of Kayla and one of the other girls was used in an article in the local paper - I love this picture of the two of them!

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Michelle said...

So very cool to see, Michelle!!!!!

ahoy.jenni said...

LOVE that your daughter is modelling. We need more of it. I have never seen a person with Ds in an ad in Australia. And she looks great and has great dance moves!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, BOTH KAYLA AND LUCAS DID A GREAT JOB MODELING!!!! They look like they have been doing for years!! loved the video and kayla dancing at the end.. :) and than kayla's picture in the paper too. wish I could have read the article.. the pictures turned out FANTASTIC!!!
Love memaw/grandma/Mom

teal915 said...

What a great experience for both of them, and mom gets some great pictures for the memory books. The pictures are perfect.

Runningmama said...

That's Awesome! I love the dancing in the video :-)

T said...

Wow - This is awesome! We defo need more of it, afterall magazines and publicised pictures have a major influence on our society's values.

AngieW said...

Love the dancing in the video. This so so cool!

mommyof3 said...

This is AMAZING!! As a parent of a child with DS, I think this is a remarkable step forward in the advertising world! Plus I have to tell you - although I'm sure you hear it all the time - that both your kids are absolutely beautiful!! And Kayla's dance moves are so awesome!! Congratulations Kayla & Lucas!!